About the Author

Like many children born in the fifties I was raised in a society caught between the aftermath of WW 2 and the progressive movement of the 60s, against a backdrop of the Vietnam War, the Cold War, fear of communism and nuclear annihilation with a large helping of racial and sexual discrimination.

My childhood home was remote, as were my parents and I spent much of my time with my faithful dog making up alternative realities. Unlike many authors, I did not have my nose buried in books as I found reading almost impossible due to my dyslexia.

My first experience of school was at an austere convent, before, aged seven, I was sent to boarding school. I witnessed many dark events within these unaccountable institutions and left virtually illiterate. It was only after leaving compulsory eduction that I was able to teach myself to read and use an analogue clock.

I spent my young adult years living and working in London before studying history while raising my children. On turning fifty my family bought me a computer. I spent the first six weeks wondering what I would ever do with it before making up my mind to write down some of the stories that continually whirl around inside my head.

I now live by the sea with my best friend who supports and encourages my writing. She also graciously agreed to drop everything and spend this last summer indulging my fascination with history by walking the Camino de Santiago with me.

I feel very blessed to have the love of a good family around me and am forever grateful for the many positive reviews I continue to receive for my novels.

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